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Raffaella Bissoni has always dreamt of enhancing Sangiovese and Albana, typical grape varieties of this part of Italy called Romagna. She wanted to produce fine wines after careful work in the vineyards, patient and respectful of nature and its cycles. She wanted to bottle not only wine, but also her passion and her love for things done properly.

That is why in 1988 she founded the Bissoni winery, after her family name. The Bissoni winery is nestled on the beautiful hillside of Casticciano, a natural terrace overlooking the sea in the medieval town of Bertinoro.

Today, she fulfilled her dream and remains faithful to her values.


Raffaella Bissoni made the decision to focus on typical grape varieties of her land of origin. She produces four types of Sangiovese and one Passito wine made from Albana grapes.

She produces controlled and warranted designation of origin (DOCG Romagna) and controlled designation of origin (DOC Romagna) wines.

Her wines have been officially organic certified since the 2016 harvest.


The winery is located in Casticciano, a suburb of Bertinoro, in the heart of Romagna, renowned for wine making since the Middle Ages. Casticciano belongs to the Municipality of Bertinoro, a town of hospitality par excellence. In this area vines have been grown since ancient Romans times and the legend has it that the town is named after its fine, locally produced wines. Here vine gleefully sink their roots into a type of soil called "Spungone", a limestone composition with marine fossil sediments that bestows unmistakable characters upon wines.


Raffaella Bissoni has chosen to preserve the overall balance of the local environment so that an ecosystem of flora and fauna is able to thrive under the vines.

The estate is a triumph of flowers and wild plants, with insects buzzing, hare and roe deer bounding through vineyards, only to hide in the neighbouring woodlands.




Via Colecchio, 280, 47032 Bertinoro FC

+39 347 456 6893


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